Igniting with SPARK


charming CHARLIE is celebrating Earth Day in a special way this year! We want to highlight our partnership with SPARK, a Houston-based nonprofit school park program. We donate our damaged jewelry to SPARK, who then disperses the jewelry to Houston area schools. Elementary to high-school aged students work together with their teachers as a team to create amazing works of SPARKling art. The program not only gives our no longer wearable jewelry a second life to become works of art, but it also inspires teamwork and creativity for the students. The artwork is then sold in an auction to enable SPARK to build parks for the community.

Yesterday, SPARK & charming CHARLIE unveiled the art at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. We were blown away by what we saw! Hundreds of passerbys oohed and awed at the intricate pieces – impressed that students could create such professional looking works of art!

Four pieces were sold at the farmer’s market! One bidder explained why she bought the piece, “This piece is so bright and cheerful, it makes me happy to look at it. I plan on hanging it in my daughters’ playroom to inspire their creativity”.

If you couldn’t make it to the farmer’s market, you Houstonians still have the chance to be the proud owner of one of the works of SPARKling art! Or, if you’d like to give back to the students, you could donate one back to the school that made the art. They would be thrilled to put their priceless art on display for everyone in the school to admire! Please visit http://www.coobomedia.com/sparkpark/ to make your bids on these incredible works of art…and don’t forget the winning bids will be a tax deductible donation to SPARK!

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