The new year is here! It’s time to replace those New Years Eve party hats with trivia hats! Why? The chance to win a fabulous $400 Charming Charlie gift card, of course! Keep reading to find out how to play 30 Days of Fabulous with Charming Charlie!

Starting on January 4th, 2010, you can play the Charming Charlie 30 Days of Fabulous trivia game once a day for 30 days. You answer three fun trivia questions about fashion accessories, Charming Charlie, fashion history, movies…! Every right answer is an entry in a sweepstakes. The more right answers, the more entries you get into the sweepstakes!  But you can only play once a day.

Some trivia questions will be fun and easy, while others will really put your knowledge to the test. But the more questions you get right, the more entries into the sweepstakes to win that fabulous gift card.

There will be two lucky winners that will be selected through a random drawing of the entries. The grand prize winner will win the $400 Charming Charlie gift card and the 2nd prize winner will win a swag bag of Charming Charlie merchandise valued at $50.

For more details on how to enter, contest rules, terms and conditions, please visitwww.charmingcharlie.com/30daysoffabulous. No purchase necessary, terms and conditions apply. Good luck and as always, have fun!!!

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This is one of our new favorite fun finds. This watch set includes three interchangeable straps. It’s adorable, functional and versatile. A trifecta of fun. And then we considered that the set is 14.97, and well, we were smitten.

Choose from one of three sets:

  • purple, black and pink (ish) reptile print
  • red, black and white reptile print
  • zebra, smooth silver and black reptile print
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Do you love Charming Charlie? Do you feel like a goddess in our accessories? Do you love our accessories, but your husband loves the prices? Do three generations in your family shop with us? Here’s your chance to share your story. We are casting customers that love Charming Charlie for a commercial being shot on October 30 and November 2 in Houston, Texas. *

If you would like to be considered, please email cccharmingcharlie@gmail.com with:

  • photos of you in your favorite Charming Charlie accessories
  • your Charming Charlie testimonial
  • your age
  • your phone number
  • physical address
  • if we can use your story for our web site in the event that you are not selected for the commercial

by end of day Thursday October 29. Please note that we will not consider applications in any other manner due to time restraints. If you are chosen, you wll be contacted on Tuesday, Oct. 27 or Wednesday, Oct. 28 and given details and time slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be compensated for participation?

* Since this is customer testimonial based, we will not be paying participants, but we will provide tokens of appreciation for participant time in the form Charming Charlie products and gift cards.

Will you fly me in if I am selected?

We will not be able to fly or transport participants or reimburse for tranportation. However, we will provide tokens of appreciation for participant time in the form of Charming Charlie products and gift cards.

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We are proud to announce “Support the Fight” Mondays at Charming Charlie during the month of October.

The Scoop

And we get one step closer to finding a cure.

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Regal, sophisticated and ultra femme, the cameo has been treasured for centuries.  Made popular as a status symbol for women during the era of Queen Elizabeth, cameos have been carved out of precious stones, coral, shell and even lava.  Although they no longer serve as a way to keep up with Joneses, a cameo will put you in a very fashionable league of your own.

The Cameo Today: Earrings, Rings and More
Cameos today are found dangling from earring wires, perched on top of rings and suspended from everything from pearls to leather strands. That said, the classic cameo broach is still a fashionable mainstay that can do double and triple duty. Not only does a cameo add elegance to your top or suit jacket, you can dress up an existing pearl strand or chain by pinning your broach to it in a pendant-like fashion. To create a classic choker, pin your cameo to a satin or velvet ribbon. For an unexpected twist, pin your cameo to your hat to top off your outfit.

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You know a fashion trend is undeniably a hit when you see the same elements carried through in home furnishings and accessories.  The knot, which is found in both celtic and asian-inspired designs, has been showcased throughout this summer and fall in silver and gold necklace and earring trends.  And now it’s also popping up as wall-art.

A trend to love on your lobes and in your home.

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It’s that time of year again. The weather might be cooling off, but fashion trends are heating up. And this year, there is something for every fashion palate.

  • Feminista: If you love the flounce of ruffles and the rounded curves of a floral print, then this season you will be smitten. Romance has found its way back into fashion, albeit with a little more structure and a modern edge, but strikingly feminine nonetheless
  • Edgy Metal:  Metal accents are not only in, they are running the gambit this season – from vintage-hardware inspired latches to hard rock-inspired grommets, studs and chains – you have several options to choose from. You can dress your metal accessories up or down and even mix in pearls, crystals and rhinestones for added drama.
  • Boho Beauty: Earthy elements such as wood, stones and feathers, as well as burnished metals, are signature components of this bohemian look and it’s back justin time to complement fall’s jewel and burnt tones
  • Crown Jewels: Saturated, bright colors are mood uplifters and this year’s top designers have decided we all need a pick me up. So look for scrumptious bordeaux, magenta, purple and teal hues to liven up fall this year
  • Pythonarama: Animal prints have been a fashion mainstay – from leopard to cheetah to zebra – we love the wild.  And while all these prints will be available, the python is ruling the fashion kingdom for fall
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